Watching Californication. Pondering life. At this moment the most important thing is conversations. Outside my window are 6 kids chit chatting and i’m listening to drake enjoying a cig and thinking about the future. Isn’t that where our minds always drift too.. the future, too tomorrow. Then back to the past and how that past lead us to this present and if this present isn’t what we thought we would be in. Then back to the future and how we are going to change it and make it what it should be. What we want it to be. Then back to the present and how it isn’t that bad. Fulfillment.. I don’t know about you guys but I get it in conversations. I crave hearing voices, the comfort of laughter. Thats where I hope my future leads me. To laugher and good conversations. Back to the past I’ve had some damn good conversations. Could it be possible that those conversations are only so good because we have moments alone where we crave those? If we were surrounded by conversations all the time would be appreciate them as much? Honestly I think yes. Why wouldn’t we? But I guess that goes straight to the idea of after awhile without change doesn’t everything become flat? I wouldn’t know because change is always happening. I would love to be in a situation of content (surrounded by good conversations) for so long that it becomes boring again. But change always comes first. Ahh life. So many things to ponder but I’d rather ponder them with others then with myself. Thats where I get my happiness. What about you?


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