Home sweet home?

This is my home next year which will be shared with two other girls. Sam and Savanna. It should be a hell of a year on campus. Let’s hope this one tops last one.

These four walls hold years and years of stories; as the saying goes “if these walls could talk..” Yes even though the owners before us are the first student owners, as it was previously owned by a grandma who sadly passed away last year, I am 100 percent positive that if these walls could talk (not the interior walls but the exterior) they would have some stories to tell. Like the naked gun man who was firing bullets at 7am in May http://imgur.com/a/7raxa how the streets fill during Halloween and Little 5 or the fire that happened across the street killing a fellow student. The point is that living on a college campus is definitely a struggle at times but a party almost always. So how do you make a home out of something so unlike its title.

People normally associate the word “home” with family and that is exactly what we are expected to create when we leave for college. There is a huge challenge when it comes to shipping off a boat load of 18 year olds and telling  forcing them to make families. You find who you are most similar too. You find who you are most comfortable with. You find who you feel safest with. You find who has party habits similar to your own. And that is all in the first week. You got the whole year ahead of you and you can’t wait to see where it takes you… I can’t wait to step back into the shoes of a college kid, living it up every night and learning more then I ever thought imaginable. Bring it on sophomore year.


What do you think?

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