I’m not your “Babe”

Last night I texted JP for in hopes of a conversation that I mentioned previously. He didn’t respond. But as I was slowly drifting off to sleep my phone lit up and so did my hopes and it was him and he apologized for not responded he was playing futbol.. no wonder his body turns me on. I didn’t respond though, I pretended like I was asleep and eventually I did fall asleep only to wake up to another text “sleep babe?”.. that word ringing in my ear “babe.” He knows he holds all the power, we had this conversation over the weekend in Normandy. If he would have taken me out in the restaurants and shown me the Eiffel Tower I would have been in love with him and he is right but we were honest with each other from the beginning and now he is playing the pet name game. He is using his power. He knows it melts me coming off any lips of a confident, sexy, fun loving french boy. I need to make sure I don’t fall into this game because for me ( like any girl) it is very easy to fall but a lot harder to get back up. Anyway it is all a little dramatic of course but thats what we girls are. Overthinkers. I’m sure JP doesn’t think and analyze every word he speaks and neither do we, but some words, some little words really trigger a domino effect.. “babe”


What do you think?

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