Risky Behavior


                                                         “But I am young so it is OK!”

I can not tell you how many times I have told this to my mom and dad when begging for their approval on a request we all know is a little risky. More times then not the risk ends in reward and all is well.


Just last night by best friend here in Paris called me because he wanted my advice on a risk he was about to take. As long as his life or others lives are not in immediate danger I am always one to say “YESSS,” like Bethenny Frankel (an idol of mine) I come from a place of yes. I rarely see the harm in trying something for the first time even if it is outside your comfort zone.


I don’t know about the rest of you but when I am faced with a choice I always call two people, someone I know will be on my side and say “Do it!” and a rational friend who will grill me on the pros and cons and then at the end ask “Are you really sure this is a smart choice?”(usually this is mom and dad). By calling these two helpful but every different people I can get more of a grounded opinion and not let my emotions sway me one way or the other too much.

The age factor is a whole different story because younger people are more likely to take risks as they have less to lose. So if you are like me with nothing tying you down or even if you have the pleasures of responsibilities in your life take a risk today. Do something outside your comfort zone and grow yourself a little. Then tell me what you did? How did it work out? Did you gain from the risk you took and if not can you still benefit from the outcome?



2 thoughts on “Risky Behavior

    • Thank you! I really loved your post about French bookstores, whenever I walk through be it the 17th or the 7th there is always a mysterious yet heart warming bookstore window to peer in to. I always did ask (myself and aloud) how the heck do they stay in business? Now I know!

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