Generation Y not change the world?

Thanks to newsofthetimes for a great post and a little inspiration! Since I am proudly heading up the rear of Generation Y, it only makes sense that I did a little internet browsing (that is what we were born to do right?) and found out what really makes us tick. 

Let’s do a little break down as I cook some awesome pasta with mushroom and cream sauce (mmm)


Y Hello There!

        For research purposes we were born between 1980 and 2000 (I’m repping ’93!). We are 80 plus million strong, are generation is larger then the baby-boomers. We also go by the name Millennials.  

Y So Curious?


That is mine! it is a terrible picture but it says family as they are the most important thing and just like a tattoo they can never be erased from me 🙂 plus it is very easy to cover with a ring

         40 percent of us 18-24 our going to school whether that be a two year or a four year college. Go us! We are expected to be the most well-educated generation yet. Basically because we can’t find jobs out of high school (high school should be one word) we are forced to go to college which is not a bad thing at all. Hopefully we use our knowledge well in the future. 2010 held the highest college application rate to date. But the downfall to that is also we will be the generation with the highest amount of debt right out of school (we need better legislation). 

         60 percent of us do not want to or expect to retire with the companies we start out with. We have this crazy itch to grow and learn and we feel it is impossible to do that in huge corporations. We need constant praise and reenforcement, so we see no need in staying at one company and working our way up the ladder. We jump from job to job to gain experience and better positions. Now a days it is not looked at as a blemish on the resume to have four jobs in one year. We grew up watching mom and dad struggle to earn respect from their companies to later be let go during the “Great Recession” and we refuse to let companies be the boss of us. We are the age of entrepreneurs as we look at starting our own business as a fall back option. 

         Can you say boomerang? Mom’s cooking is just way too good to pass up. 1 in 3 of us come home after college and mom and dad wont kick us out until we are at least 30. Therefore, we save more money and we are known to start saving for retirement before the age of 24. 

         42 percent of our parents were married at our age but only 21 percent of us are married right now. It is kind of hard to be married and living with mommy and daddy. Also, taking a few years off after college to travel used to be looked at as irresponsible and it was a lot harder to get into the work force again. Now-a-days it is a huge resume booster and the most amazing learning experience (thank God the world finally sees the good in travel for young people like me. I absolutely love it!)


         We own the internet and are commonly referred to as “digital natives.” 8 out of ten of us sleep with our cell phones in reach (guilty). 75 percent of us have social networking sites. 20 percent have posted youtube videos of ourselves. Over 50 percent of youtube gurus are under 20. AND AND AND 21-35 year olds make up over half of the worlds bloggers (thats us!)

        Our generation has changed the legal system and the expectations of privacy by huge leaps due to 9/11, the Columbine shooting, Anthrax scares, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Oklahoma City bombing ect. 

      56 percent of college students will not accept a job from a company that bans social media. 60 percent think they have the right to work remotely with a flexibly schedule. We would rather be unemployed then take a job we believe is beneath us. That is why 37 percent of us ARE unemployed. We want a chance to change companies more then a good title or a good salary. We might not show up on time but we are sending emails at 2 am and on weekends.

       We also have the shortest attention spans but the highest ability to multitask, I remember the days when my dad was lost and he would pull the car over turn the radio off just to look at a map. We are very culturally open as well.


So what does all of this mean for the world? Well world you better start adapting to the way we like things because soon enough we will be CEO’s and politician.  Our generation is a lot different then the ones before us. We strive for independence and knowledge, but we can also been very lazy and spoiled. 

Can you relate? How do you think Generation Y will turn out? Know any kids that are exactly like this? Agree or Disagree with what I learned? Let me know! 

Btw i found my research here and here and here

Thanks for reading! 


2 thoughts on “Generation Y not change the world?

  1. I love your post! Came here after you dropped by by neck of the woods, so thank you for visiting my blog! Love your humorous, yet also truthful, portrait of Gen Y. Our family is a funky mix of generations: my husband is a hippie and thinks the 60s were the best time to be alive. I am from the yuppie era. And we have a Gen Y son. So its kinda of a generational mind-meld here, but that’s what you get when you marry late and have kids late. yuppie Lots of fun though, and I totally love you “young ones” Keep writing, keep dreaming and keep working on that bucket list.

    • Isn’t it nice to have a family that bring a lot to the table? So many different mind sets and ways to approach things! Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to explore more of your blog!

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