Chips, Dips and Politics

Why is it so important to understand not only our own government but also the government of neighboring/other countries? I don’t know, but it is important.


For a lot of people in the states they have no idea what is going on with the Mexican elections. I am in France and they do a better job here of organizing and spreading the word then in the states (are we surprised)?


Anyway, there is a lot of unhappy citizens in Mexico which could potentially lead to a civil war but will most likely end up in violent riots, which we do not want.

So what is happening in Mexico right now you might ask. Let me do some splainin’   


The campaigning took place last year and the first half of this year. We have two major players #1. Andres Manuel Lopez (the good guy) #2. Enrique Pena Nieto, president elect and resident evil.



The problem with the election lies in the voting process. The amount of fraud that took place is ridiculous and the fact that Televista (the largest TV network in Mexico) is a Pena Nieto supporter does not help. Let’s start with the fact that Pena Nieto spent 8.2 million dollars on debit cards to pass out in poverty stricken communities. He promised the people that there was anywhere from 100 pesos or more on the cards allowing them to buy enough food for the week or more for them and their families. When the people took them to the stores there was no more then 5 or 10 pesos on the cards. The gesture on Pena Nieto’s part is nice… if you are not running for president of a country.


Next he sent kids aged 8 to 10 into the voting booths with people who promised to vote for him, to make sure they actually did vote for him. WTF?!? That does not smell like democracy to me.

He won the election by 6 points and that is only because he illegally persuaded uneducated voters. Educated voters are up-in-arms, as they should be. They are rioting in all the major cities but guess what!? Remember how I said Televista supports Pena Nieto, yeah they are broadcasting celebrity weddings instead of the riots. Their main goal is the keep the whole deal quite so other countries don’t step in.


           It reads Pena the TV is yours.Mexico is ours.

It doesn’t end there though, it actually gets a lot more crazy. From what I have heard (What I am about to say has not been proven in the court of law) Pena Nieto was having an affair with a man who was affiliated with his presidential camp. His wife walked in on the two sleeping together and later that exact same night she “died” of a “seizure,” mind you they have three kids together. One month later he marries a movie star and the man he was allegedly sleeping with is exiled to America for safe keeping.

This is pretty crazy stuff right? So there is a group of young adults who started a movement called yo soy 132 (I am 132) and they are fighting to get a reelection and a fair one at that. Check them out.

So why is it so important to know what is going on in other countries? You tell me. Do you think America should do something if it did get out of hand down there, or have we stuck our nose in enough business? Do you think their should be a re-election? Is it right that just because a majority of a country is living in poverty and uneducated that their government can have close to absolute power? Are they talking about this in hte states right now?

Get the facts and educate yourselves because even I am still learning. Here. Here.


2 thoughts on “Chips, Dips and Politics

  1. I hadn’t followed the details of the Mexican election before your post – in fact, I’d read just a little bit, and decided that it was hard to know what to make of anything, so I abandoned following up.

    I’m glad you made me look deeper. I was at first doubtful about your very cynical portrait of what happened. However, while I certainly can’t claim to know all the details or what exactly to believe, it seems clear now that there were major problems with the election.

    These problems appear to be due to media bias and to voting fraud. What I don’t understand is how the PRI, who were out of power for so long, had the power and influence to pull this off. Nor do I understand what Pena Nieto is for, or where he will lead Mexico. My worry is that he represents a small group of elite who were able to marshall the resources to get him elected, and that he will simply advance their interests at the expense of the general interest. (OK, this happens in every election everywhere – but perhaps it’s worse here.)

    Anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    • Yes I think my opinions are a little harsh and rash but they are heavily influenced by Mexican friends in Mexico and in Europe so they are quite biased. I am still keeping updated and informed as much as possible through the media and other sources so I don’t become ignorant to all sides of the argument.

      As for the PRI being out of power for so long, it has only been since around 2000 and before that they were in power for 71 years. They received votes because of how unhappy Mexico was with the current government party PAN. PAN held power for 12 years and the economic growth in those years was only 1.8%. PAN’s main foundation for its campaign was the fight against organized crime which again after 12 years left 60,000 dead and no real changes. The PRI really targeted uneducated voters to win the election. Though they ran an unbelievably corrupt government for 71 years a lot of Mexico’s citizens did not see this first hand and therefore believed PRI could bring them out of PAN’s bad era. I mean if you were poor and a super rich guy was giving you free grocery credit cards your hopes of the future would hold images like those all the time and therefore you would probably vote for him.

      As for were Pena Nieto stands, your guess is as good as any. Your worries about him repping a small elite group seems to be all too true.

      Thanks for reading and being interested.

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