Pip Pip Cheerio!

It is Wednesday, but for me it is Thursday and I am getting really excited to “hit the road jack.” Tomorrow I leave for London! I have never been before and I get to go during the craziest time. The Olympics. I understand I wont get a true feeling for London since it will be jam packed with tourists, athletes (can I get me one of those?) and locals.

Things I am most excited about.

1. British Food- I love new foods and at this point I am very familiar with French food, so I can’t wait to get some true blue London grub. Fish and Chips anyone?

2. British accents- Ohlala.. French is hard. French gives me a headache by 5pm. French is too fast. Not that I don’t love hearing it and its romantic nature but eventually it turns into background noise. I think the first English conversation I have I might cry.

3. British Humor- Sometimes the French can be a little negative (they will all admit to this). I need some good laughs and some high spirits. It has been raining here in Paris all summer which just makes the French even more irritated. I feel London will fill the gap of strangers feeling like family that I didn’t get here in Paris.

4. Change- Come on people I’m trying to fill the gigantic shoes of a world traveler. If change is our middle name then challenge is our last name.

Bring it on London. Give me your best shot. (Welcome me with open arms?).

Anyone have any advice? Suggestions? Recommendations?


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