At 18 I finished my Freshman year of college and rented an apartment in Paris for the summer. Here hold some of my adventures.

Even though I am starting this blog halfway into my summer in Paris I think instead of trying to relive everything in the last month and put it all down here I will just let this month flow and see if it brings up adventures from last month. Like 4th of July in Paris. or meeting JP. or the Bread boy across the street. The weekend in Normandy. The night in the Marais. Phil’s new apartment. Fete de la Musique. Experiences in the office. My “uncle”. The weekend my mom came. The spanish bar. The irish bar. Chez George. The saddest part about all of these early experiences is that I don’t have a camera with me. I will hopefully get one in the Next coming days especially with so much to look forward too. The olympics in London. Madrid. Boys.

The one thing I truly love most about Paris though. The one thing that keeps my heart full is Henry and Emile (my cousins). I wish they could stay in France all summer but they go home to visit their grandparents.

Henry being a typical little frenchie

Emile doing karate in the apartment 


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